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                Miniature Automatic Thermal Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Device


                2017 Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Generator

                Release time:2017-05-18 13:57:26    Views:

                2017 Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Generator  QRR0.15 GW /SHS-C3

                Fire Extinguishing Generator Specification:

                Aerosol Fire Extinguisher Model No.  

                QRR0.15 GW /SHS-C3

                Protecting Space per Set


                Fire Extinguishing Generator Size


                Rated dosage per Set (kg)

                0.12 Kg

                Release time

                 ≤ 20S
                Start-up Mode Automatically / Manually
                Agent Validity 10 years                                        

                Aerosol Fire Extinguisher Suitable for Critical Places which prone to fire but can't be extinguished by water:


                Hengshen Aerosol Fire Extinguisher for Vehicles:

                Aerosol Fire Extinguisher Application:

                • Control rooms
                • Generator rooms
                • Wind turbine nacelles and power rooms
                • Flammable liquid storage areas
                • Turbine and generator enclosures
                • Marine engine rooms and machinery spaces
                • Power plants
                • Small boats
                • Engine compartments
                • Elevator machine room
                • Chemical storage
                • Pharmaceutical plants
                • Robots
                • Food processing
                • High value mobile machinery
                • Electrical cabinets and rooms
                • Switchgear enclosures
                • Hazmat storage
                • Small boats

                Over 40 Projects High Technology National Patents 

                Hengshen Aerosol Fire Extinguisher can be deliverd and used in the most safe and stable status:

                Test Approved:

                Our Factory and Office:

                Email me directly:Aaronlv@hs-safety.cn